Vacuum Sealer

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Ultra Food Saver Assistant

The Vacuum Sealer for all your food sealing and preserving needs. The Vacuum sealing removes air out from the vacuum sealer bags and slowing the deterioration process caused by aerobic bacterial growth which keeps food up to 5x longer freshness.

Two Sealing Modes

The Vacuum sealer machine has two sealing modes for Dry and Moist Food fresh preservation. Also essential for sous vide receipts.

Fully Starter Kit

The starter kit of the vacuum sealer contains 1 vacuum roll, 5 standard vacuum bags, 1 vacuum hose, preserves various food in a breeze.

Built-in Storage & Cutter Design

Built-in roll storage saves space and the built-in cutter allows customized bags to fit whatever you seal, while led light indicators easily show the vacuum sealing process.

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