• 120 °

  • Natural Wind

  • Low Noise

Filter out 99.95% of harmful particles

The rotorless fan is also known as the Air Multiplier, which can produce a natural and continuous cool wind. Since it has no rotors, it will not be covered in dust, and children’s fingers will not be injured. The increased pressure causes the air to flow out through the cuts in the rotating ring, increasing the airspeed and increasing the airflow. This machine is also equipped with an air filter duct and an anion function. When the air flows through the air duct, the filter can filter out foreign odors, pollutants, bacteria, formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances.

Luftgeruch, Bakterien, Benzol, Schadstoffe, PM2.5 reinigen.

Raumluft effektiv zirkulieren,Achtung: Es kann 24 Stunden lang kontinuierlich verwendet werden. Das Filterelement muss nach 6 Monaten ausgetauscht werden. Einfache Bedienung. Wischen Sie die Netzabdeckung mit einem Tuch ab und ersetzen Sie einfach das Filterelement.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions: 93×25×25CM
Weight: 3.9KG
Switch type: remote control, touch screen
Voltage: 220V
Tilt angle: 30 °
Material: ABS + PC
Oscillation angle: 120 °