• Safety

  • IPL Beauty Wave Light

  • 5 Level Adjustment

Painless hair removal, peace of mind, and safety

Irradiates the skin with gentle light and improves the opening of pores. It suppresses melanin pigment, stops the growth of unwanted hair, and gradually disappears. Permanent hair removal can be achieved by regular irradiation.

IPL pulse adopted

Wave light range 550-1200nm directly reaches the hair root. It also has a skin-beautifying effect while removing hair by long-term use that suppresses the growth of hair many times.

For smooth skin for just 8 weeks

You can easily and effectively operate unwanted hair care at home and whole body hair removal care similar to beauty treatments at home.

Discerning A + quartz tube

Filters waste light and leave useful light to react with melanin, aiming for permanent hair removal with 500,000 shots.

Product specifications

Product Dimensions: 155*60*34㎜
Weight: 190g
Irradiation range: 3.25㎠
Irradiation level: 5 stages
Wave light: 550-1200nm