• Space Saving

  • Easy Folding

  • High-Strength Processing

Easy folding method

Instead of cumbersome folding, it can be stored immediately in 4 steps. It is a simple foldable structure that even women can do.

High-strength melamine processing

The top plate and shelf plate of the computer desk use high-strength melamine processing. Even when you take notes or draw a picture, you can use it in a beautiful state with fewer pen marks left on the top plate.

Foldable and space-saving

It is foldable and can be used as a desk with a two-tiered storage shelf for normal use or as a compact storage shelf by folding the top plate when not in use, keeping the room spacious without taking up space.

Beautiful and functional top plate

Adopted a wood grain print that looks genuine. Compared to generally printed veneers, it is less likely to be scratched and is easier to remove stains.

Product specifications

Product size: 82 x 60.5 x 13 cm
Weight: 15 Kg
Colour: Brown (wood grain pattern)