Gaming Chair Iris Series

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color: White&Black
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GP-866 unique "speciality"

It was made to order by supplementing the lack of comfort, soft cushioning, and a lot of experience and comparison of the existing gaming chair.

Unparalleled "comfort"

The existing hard plastic or cloth armrest has been treated with soft leather to make the mouse more comfortable to handle.

More safely

We made the five wheels, the lifeblood of the gaming chair, stronger.

Product composition

Back plate*1, Lower seat*1, Armrest (right)*1, Armrest (left)*1, Seat tray*1/ Center bar*1/ Movable leg*1/ Movable wheel*5/ Footrest*1/ Bolt*4 / Nut*4/ Backrest bar*1/ Center bar cover*1/ Wrench*1.

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