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Dual Suction Mode

ROZI handheld cordless vacuum is equipped with a high-performance 80W brushless motor, which provides powerful suction for daily cleaning. Adopted the structure of filter that are washable and removable, the handheld vacuum could efficiently help you clean the dust, pet hair, sand, food residue, debris hidden in cushions or sofas.

Strong Suction & Efficient Cleaning

The handheld vacuum cleaner has two speeds - 7Kpa and 12Kpa. 7Kpa is mainly used for light dust cleaning on common surfaces, while 12Kpa is suitable for deep and large dirt removal. Different brush heads came in the package meets your needs for different area cleaning.

Lasting Power & Fast Charging

Equipped with a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery and fast charging technology, the manual vacuum cleaner can last up to 35 minutes at low speed and 18 minutes at high speed after a full charge (4-5 hours).

One-touch Dumping & Washable Accessories

200ml black but translucent dust cup while with the one-touch dumping design makes it easy for you to know when to dump the debris. The removable HEPA filter can be washed, dried and reused to help you deep clean debris (comes with a set of filter).

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