1. Does it work without the internet?
The robot vacuum cleaner works well without the internet, don't worry. It is equipped with remote control with 2 batteries, you can use the remote control to control the robot, set the cleaning time or change the cleaning modes.

2. What are the cleaning methods?
There are 4 cleaning modes to choose from automatic cleaning, manual cleaning, spot cleaning, side cleaning. You can change from the remote control or on the TUYA SMART app. We will do our best to help you.

3. where can I buy the brushes?
Side brushes are not sold separately. Here is the link to robot accessories including: 1 main brush, 1 HEPA filter, 2 side brushes, 2 cleaning cloths.

4. The robot is not charging, why?
Please make sure that the charging contacts on the back of the robot match those on the charging base. We suggest you control by the remote control: press the "Recharge" button on the remote control and then the robot will automatically make the change and adjust the charging position. If you still cannot charge the robot, please contact us at support@rozi.net and send us a video to confirm the problem. We provide one year warranty and will offer the best solution for you.

5. I can't connect to the app.
The robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with the TUYA SMART app. Please note that the robot vacuum cleaner only supports 2.4G wifi, it will not work with 5G wifi, please check wifi frequency first, thanks in advance for your cooperation!