1. How does the ROZI Optical Hair Removal Device Works?
It uses a light called "Intense Pulse Light (IPL)" that is different from laser light. IPL is a skin-beautifying technology that is used in salons and cosmetic surgery and is safe for pain and irritation in Japan. This IPL works on the melanin pigment contained in the roots of unwanted hair, and it is a mechanism that can care for unwanted hair.

2. Is there anyone who does not recommend using it?
We do not recommend using it if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under the age of 18. It is not recommended for those who have a lot of gray hair because it is reflected in the melanin pigment.

3. Will my hair disappear immediately after using it?
Household hair removers are not quick-acting. 98% of women can feel the effect after use. In addition, since there are individual differences in the constitution, the effect of use may change slightly. Permanent hair removal is achieved by continuous use.

4. Can it be used on the whole body?
Basically, it can be used on the whole body, but please avoid the following parts.
- The upper part of the face from the nose 
- Mole, stain, tattoo, etc. that are darker than the skin color
- Delicate zones other than the bikini line
- Skin sensitive areas such as sunburn and chemical peels