This policy shall be only applicable to the shopping services offered through by ROZI LLC and its related companies (hereinafter referred to as “ROZI” or “we”) and other internet platforms. Thank you for your trust and choosing ROZI. We are well aware of our responsibility, and will strive to protect the security of your privacy.

Date of latest update: 01 Jan 2019

This policy will facilitate you to understand the following contents:

  • How do we collect and use your personal information;
  • How do we use Cookie and similar techniques;
  • How do we share, transfer, publicly disclose your personal information;
  • How do we protect your personal information;
  • How is your personal information transferred throughout the world;
  • How is this policy updated;
  • How to contact us.

We are well aware of the importance of personal information to you, and will make every effort to protect the security of your personal information in a reliable manner. We will strictly adhere to the following principles to protect your personal information: integration of power and accountability, clear target, selected consent, minimum use, security assurance, subject participation, and openness and transparency. We are committed adopt security measures to protect your personal information based on the mature security standards within the industry. Please read and understand the Privacy Policy carefully before using our products (or services).

  • I  How do we collect and use your personal information

    Personal information is referred to various information recorded electronically or in other media which can be used individually or collectively with other information to identify the identity of an individual natural person, or reflect activities of a specific natural person. We will collect and use your personal information only for the purposes stated in this policy.

    • Rendering of shopping services to you
      • Business function 1: Browse pages displaying goods, receive personalised recommendation and marketing information.
      • Business function 2: Communication through ROZI platform.
        We shall require the minimum information from you based on business requirements.
    • Carrying our internal audit, data analysis and research shall help improve our products or services.
      In addition, this website may automatically collect some information (for details, please see Article 2 herein “How do we use Cookie and similar technique”).
      You shall authorise us to use such information continuously during your use of the services. Such information shall be stored in our servers or our partners’ servers placed at home and abroad.
  • II  How do we use Cookie and similar technique

    Examples of information we collected and analysed shall include the IP address through which your computers or mobile devices are connected to the internet, login information, computer and connection information (such as type and version of your browser, time zone settings, type of browser plug-ins, operating system and platform), browsing history (including key words you searched, recent history of goods browsing, recent orders and your favourite goods). With such information, we may create features of website (such as best-sellers) with similar information of other customers, or a complete click-through of URL of our website, including date and time, number of cookies, goods you browsed or searched for, and contact information through which you contact with our customer service department. Data from browsers, such as cookies, Flash cookies or similar data on our website may also be used to prevent fraud and other illegal action. We may use software (e.g. JavaScript) in some access to measure and collect information in connection with users’ connection, including number of responses of the website, download errors, timing of accessing to a specific page, page interaction information (e.g. Scrolling, click-through and lingering of cursor) and the way through which the page is closed.

    • Cookie

      Like other websites, we will store a data document named as “Cookie” on your computer or mobile device to ensure the functioning of the website. Generally, cookie includes identifiers, site names and some numbers and characters. By virtue of Cookie, the website can store your preference or goods in your shopping cart and other data.

      Cookie shall not be used for any purposes other than those stated herein. You may manage or delete cookie based your preference. For details, please see You may clear all the cookies stored on your computer, and most network browsers can be set to prevent cookie. However, you need to change user settings every time you access to our website if you choose to do so. For details about how to change browser settings, please visit for how Internet Explorer handle cookies, or for how Google Chrome uses cookie.

    • In addition to Cookie, web beacons, pixel tags and other similar technique may be used on the website. For instance, we will send you emails containing URL to which contents on our website can be accessed. If such link is clicked, we will track the such click-through to facilitate our understanding on your preference of products or services, and improve customer services. Web beacons are generally transparent images embedded in websites or emails. With pixel tags in emails, we shall be aware of whether an email is opened. If you don’t want to be tracked for your activities through such way, you may unsubscribe from our email list at any time.
    • Do Not Track

      A number of network browsers have the function of Do Not Track which can submit request of Do Not Track to website. At present, major internet standard organizations have not developed related policies to regulate how websites should address such requests. However, if Do Not Track is enabled in your browser, we shall respect your choice and it shall be applied to all of our websites.

  • III  How do we share, transfer, publicly disclose your personal information

    • Sharing

      We shall not share your information with others without authorisation. We shall share your information under the following circumstances, provided that we will offer the protection applicable hereunder or at least the protection same as that hereunder:

      • Sharing with specific consent: With your specific consent, we shall share your personal information with others under necessary conditions. If you use ROZI platform, you will be deemed to consent to the Privacy Policy, and register as a user of our website, and use the services provided by the website.
      • We may share your personal information with others based on the requirements of laws and regulations, or the mandatory requirements imposed by the competent government authorities.
      • Sharing with other companies within our group: Your personal information may be shared with other companies within our group. Personal information will be shared at minimum level, and should be subject to the purposes stated in this privacy policy. We should submit a request to you for authorisation, provided that any subsidiary intends to change the purpose of your personal information. Other companies within our group shall include parent companies, subsidiaries, and companies having substantial control or controlled by ROZI otherwise at home and abroad.
      • Sharing with authorised partners: Some of our services will be provided by authorised partners only for the purpose of realizing the purpose stated in this privacy policy. With your authorisation, we may share some of your personal information with our partners, so as to provide better services and user experience. For instance, when you log in online, we cannot provide you with certain services without sharing your log in information with server providers. We shall share your personal information only for legal, proper, necessary, specific and clear purposes, and shall only do so as necessary for rendering of services. Our partners will only obtain related information for performing their duties, and will not have the right to use personal information for any other purposes. At present, our authorised partners shall include the following three types:

        • Authorised partners of advertisement and analytical services. Your identity information (referred to information that identify your identity, such as name or email address, through which you can be contacted or your identity can be identified) will not be shared with partners of advertisement and analytical services, unless your approval is obtained. These partners will be offered information which is only effectively related to their advertisements and your identity information shall not be provided. We shall share summary of the information with such partners to avoid your identity being identified. Instances of such sharing are as follows. Only after the advertiser agrees to abide by our advertising guidelines, can we tell advertisers how the effect of their advertisements, or how many people view or are viewing their advertisement after installation of application. We shall offer statistic data (e.g. “Male customers aged 25 from Beijing often purchase 3C series products) with which identity cannot be identified to such partners to facilitate their understanding of their audience or customers.
        • Suppliers, vendors and other partners. We will send information to suppliers, vendors and other partners across the world who support our services. Such support shall include rendering of technology infrastructure services, analysis of how our services are used, and how effective the advertisement and services are, along with analysis of customer services provided, payment convenience or academic research and study.
        • We shall execute strict confidential agreements with the companies, organizations and individuals with which we share personal information, require them to process personal information based on our instructions, this Privacy Policy and any other relevant confidential and security measures.
    • Transfer

      Your personal information shall not be transferred to any companies, organizations and individuals, except for the following circumstances:

      • Transfer with explicit consent: Upon the obtainment of your explicit consent, we shall transfer your personal information to other parties. The electronic transfer agreement, and written transfer agreement executed shall be deemed as documents of your authorisation.
      • When merger, acquisition or liquidation occurs, we shall require companies and organizations acquiring your personal information to continue to be the subject to this Privacy Policy, provided personal information is transferred. Otherwise, we shall require such companies and organizations to seek for your approval, or destroy or delete the personal information at your request.
    • Public disclosure

      Your personal information shall only be publicly disclosed under the following circumstances:

      • Your explicit consent is obtained;
      • Disclosure based on laws: With your explicit consent, your personal information shall be publicly disclosed under the requirements of laws, proceedings, suits or mandatory requirements of competent authorities.
  • IV  How do we protect your personal information

    • We have adopted security measures conforming to the industrial standards to protect the personal information you provided, in an effort to prevent We will adopt every reasonable and feasible measures to protect your personal information. For instance, data (e.g. information of credit cards) exchange between your browser and “services” shall be protected by SSL encipherment protection. When orders are confirmed, only the last four digits of your credit card will be displayed. We certainly will send the complete credit card number to the related credit institutions when orders are processed. At the same time, we will provide secured https ways of browsing ROZI, and use encrypted technology to ensure the confidentiality of data. Entrusted protection mechanism will be used to prevent malicious attack of data. To ensure that personal data can only be accessed by authorised personnel, access control mechanism shall be used. Also, proper measures shall be adopted to enhance staff\'s awareness of protecting personal information, such as establishing internal information safety management and security systems within the group.
    • Every reasonable and feasible measures shall be adopted to ensure that unrelated or unnecessary personal information is not collected. Your personal information shall only be retained for the period required to achieve the purposes of this policy, unless it is necessary to prolong such period, or it is permitted by laws.
    • Internet is not an absolutely safe environment, and email, instant communication and other communication methods of any users are not encrypted. You are strongly advised not to send personal information through such manners. Please use complicate passwords to facilitate us to protect your account and information.
    • Although there may be loopholes which cannot be completely averted or prevented, we shall strive to make sure the safety of any information you sent to us. If our physical, technological or management security facilities are damaged, resulting in unauthorised access to information, public disclosure, manipulation or destroy, and impairing your legitimate interests, we shall inform you on a timely basis (for contents of notification, see Article 5 hereunder), and assume the legal obligations accordingly.
    • We shall timely inform you of any incidents jeopardizing the security of your personal information based on the requirements of laws and regulations: basic information of security incidents, possible impact, measures adopted or to be adopted, suggestion to prevent and lower risks, and remedies for you. We shall inform you of the related information concerning the incidents through one or more of the notifications, such as email, correspondence, phone calls, pushing notification. Where it is hard to inform each owner of personal information, we shall issue an announcement on a timely, reasonable and effective manner. At the same time, we shall report the handling of personal information security incidents based on the requirements of regulators.
  • V  How is your personal information transferred throughout the world

    Since we offer products or services through resources and servers across the world, the services we used to process your information may not be situated in your country/region. That is, your personal information may be transferred to the foreign jurisdiction outside of your country/region where products or services are used, or may be accessed from such jurisdictions, provided that your authorisation and consents are obtained. Laws in connection with data protection may be varied in countries/regions, and data protection systems vary from country to country.. The protection measures stated herein shall be adopted without exception no matter where your information is processed. In addition, we will also observe some legal frameworks or policies in connection with data transmission, such as “FTC At” and “General Data Protection Regulation”. For instance, we may seek for your consent to transfer your personal information to other countries, or remove data identifier before transferring such data to other countries, and other security measures.

  • VI  How is this policy updated

    Our privacy policies may be changed.

    Without your explicit consent, we shall not reduce your rights under this privacy policy. Any changes to this policy will be published on this page.

    For any material change, we will also offer more notable notice (including notice through emails for some services indicating specific changes to this privacy policy). Material changes referred hereunder shall include but be not limited to:

    • Material change to the pattern of our services. Purpose of processing personal information, type of personal information processed, and usage of personal information;
    • Material changes to our ownership structure, organizational structure, etc. Changes of owners arising from business adjustment, insolvency and combination.
    • Change of major personal information recipients, transferees or publicly disclosed parties.
    • Material change to your rights and how these rights are exercised for which you take part in the processing of personal information;
    • Change to the competent departments, contact methods or complaint channels in charge of personal information security;
    • High risks indicated in the reports assessing the impact of personal information security. We will also file the previous version of this policy for your review.
  • VII  How to connect us

    If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions for this privacy policy, or you intend to submit prosecution, complaints against our use of your personal information, please contact us through We shall response within 30 days generally. We will also work with appropriate regulatory authorities (including local data protection institutes) to address any complaints in connection with transmission of your data which cannot be solved directly between us.