Rozi TidyBot

Our marquee robot vacuum cleaner comes with plenty of features at an affordable price. Available now on Amazon and

  • Auto

  • Spot

  • Edge

  • Max

  • Auto Dock & Charge

    No need to worry. Rozi TidyBot automatically returns to the charging dock when power is low.

  • Strong Suction

    With 1600 Pa suction power and a <59 dB cleaning noise level, TidyBot gets the job done efficiently and quietly.

  • Worry-free Cleaning

    Rozi TidyBot uses drop-sensing technology to avoid falling down stairs and off ledges.

Specification Product Specs

Name Rozi TidyBot

Normal voltage 14.8V

Power 24w

Operating temperature -10°~45°

Input voltage / current 24V / 1V

IR remoto control 38KHZ

Dimension 132.7cm x 8cm

Weight 3KG

Battery 2000mAh Li-ion battery

Dustbin capacity 0.45L

Charing time 240~300mins

Cleaning time 80~100mins

Download User Manual

The Reviews

  • Squares up to my Henry


    This has worked out to be an excellent solution for lazy house members. This just sits in the room and starts cleaning the whole space methodologically. Its fairly light so it's not a chore lumbering it from upstairs to downstairs. It's also worked surprisingly well on thick rugs as there's one in almost every room. uns a fair bit on a single charge, about the two hours specified but I've used it more at short bursts so one charge lasts me a few days.

  • Powerful compact vacuum cleaner


    Due to limited storage I bought this vacuum. My girlfriend has long hair and there is hair all over our cream carpet. I was an absolutely challenged just to get our large vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard and to vacuum the room. This is a very compact and powerful cleaner. I have room behind my sofa where I can easily store it. Every evening I use it to vacuum the room. It is not very loud and so can use it late at night without disturbing anyone.

  • Will recommed


    Robot- brilliant thing which I needed badly when I have a busy lifestyle and this vaccum robot does the job for me without my attention and spending lot of time on it very smart piece which works on my hard floor and also carpet very silent not too noisy at all and very strong suction this was the main reason I tried this one as was having 1600 pa power and its self charging option is amazing and on day 1 I also tested if it falls off the edges but it is having great sensors which stops it so really dont have to look after .size is also not too tiny takes in all hairs and diet .very easy to setup as user friendly and easy to clean no hard job with this brilliant technology I would say everyone should have one of these in home it helps a lot without spending any time on it .and I was searching for the good product and good price and I found this on Amazon reasonably priced would recommend .

  • Brilliant stuff


    This is the most amazing thing I ever bought and wanted to share my experience this super power robot vacuum does a brilliant job with my cleaning I use it on carpet and hard floor and both works amazingly good if you see the size of it in pictures it is quite good and is super powerful takes all dirt ,hairs and rubbish very smart technology robot have smart sensor and effective in corners as well and brilliant feature automatically docks and recharges which is unbelievable makes my cleaning job easy would recommend to have it in every house as you would love it at the price and quality.