Rozi Air Purifier

  • Auto Mode

  • Speed

  • Quiet

  • Timer

  • 3-Stage Filter for Large room

    Designed with the fine pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. Recommended for large rooms 430sq. ft (40㎡), CADR rated 205+CFM, making it perfect for the home office.

  • Air Quality Sensor & Auto Mode

    Air quality is always changing at your home. Rozi air purifier features a fully automatic mode, using an advanced air quality sensor system to monitor air quality and adjust the fan speed in real-time. The interface will continuously diagnose your air and display the air quality level (blue, yellow, orange, and red).

  • 3 Fan Speed & Auto-off Timer

    Fan speeds available in Large, Medium, High, and TURBO stages by manually setting up. While auto mode automatically optimizes the speed setting 1 through 4 based on the level of indoor air quality. The timer feature allows the machine to run 2/4/8 hours before automatically powering off.

  • Quiet as A Whisper

    Sleep mode is enabled to ensure that Rozi air purifier runs quietly. 65W power consumption and quiet operation with a noise level ranging from 30dB to 60dB. The air cleaner is perfect for deep sleep, relaxed reading, and concentrated working.

Specification Product Specs

Name Rozi Air Purifier

Model No CF-8209

Rated Voltage AC 120V

Rated current 0.6A

Rated frequency 60Hz

Rated power 65W

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The Reviews

  • The smell of cooking this problem has been perfectly solved


    I used this product in a baby girl's room and it was very quiet and easy to move. I cook every day, but the smell of cooking is annoying. I really hate the smell of cooking. I don't want my baby girl to inhale too much of the cooking smell. Sometimes the whole house smelled of cooking smell until we were going to rest. But for now, the smell of cooking this problem has been perfectly solved, I love this product.

  • Perfect purifier


    This is exactly the air purifier I wanted! I’ve had a few purifiers before, but they were as quiet as this one! The purifier is super quiet when the air quality is good ( blue light) and the sensor directs the air quality and shows on the top, which makes it very handy. It also looks good too! Hope it helps me go through the allergy season this year.

  • Easy and quite air purifier


    I use this Rozi air purifier in my bedroom and I can definately feel the difference in the air. I have allegies all year around, but since I started to use this air purifier, I feel so much better at night and in the morning. It is very simple to operate it too. I set as an automatic mode, and it will sensor the air quality of the room and automatically ajdust the fan speed. I also want to note that the fan is very quiet. I am thinking to purchase another one for my mom while it has this $60 off coupon. A great deal for the quality of the product.

  • Best Air Purifier Ever


    I ordered in total 3 air purifiers from Amazon, including this one and this is definitely the best air purifier I have ever had! This is the only air purifier that has a meter on top to quantify air quality. Highly recommended for larger room, especially if you have open kitchen. The video shows the product works harder after cooking. Also, it is a must for families with pets.

  • Get better air quality for yourself!


    Since I got this air purifier in my living room, there is no more cooking odor in my apartment anymore. It’s great to have a air purifier in Winter because I keep the windows close for warmth, so I barely get fresh air in my apartment. This air purifier has all the functions I wanted and my cat has no problems with it. Glad that I got this product for my apartment, it worths every penny I spent.

  • good


    Ideal for bedroom use, comfortable to sleep and breathe at night

  • Great Air Purifier


    I love this air purifier, it is easy to use, has air quality indicator, helps freshen the air and leaves clean air to breath.