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    Rozi Air Fryer

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    Rozi Air Purifier

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    Rozi UV Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 1. How long is the warranty?

    We provide a one-year warranty and 30 days of free return. We provide accessories for replacement as well. We provide an additional 90 days warranty after every repair.
    Please note that man-made problems are not counted in the scope of maintenance.

  • 2.Can this vacuum kill germs?

    Yes. This vacuum can kill germs and mites.

  • 3.Can this suck up fluids?

    No. It can suck up dust and mite.

  • 4. Is the UV light visible when it is on?

    No. The UV light itself is invisible. There are light indicators on the top of the device to indicate when the UV is on. The UV light automatically turns off if it is more than 5 seconds from the surface.

  • 5.Is HEPA filter washable?

    The HEPA filter is not washable. But there is a spongy pre-filter that can be removed and washed.

  • 6.How do I replace the brush and HEPA filter?

    For HEPA filters, please contact us at support@shoprozi.co .
    Please note that the brush and the machine is one combined system that is not replaceable. However, you can wash and reuse it.

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