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Brand Story

We feel an ever-increasing amount of customers appreciate well-designed aesthetics, without the high price tag.

So we set out to create Rozi - quality home cleaning and kitchen appliances for the modern consumer, with a touch of retro style.

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The Reviews

  • Rozi TidyBot reviews

    Decent robot vac


    Excellent purchase, keeps my living room clean without the effort from me, finds its way around well and its surprising how much muck it picks up, have to brush out filter after each use to keep suction at a useful level, not as powerful as a big hoover but not bad at all for daily cleaning.

  • Rozi vacuum reviews

    Great suction


    Such a clever little robot! We have named ours Valerie the Vacuum aha! Very easy to use with the supplied remote control. It still amazes me now that when her battery is low, she can guide herself back to the charging station with no human input required...mind blown! The suction is highly impressive as well for a floor robot vacuum. It certainly picks up more than it imagined it would. Looks the part, very well made with a nice shiny smooth finish.

  • Rozi Air Fryer reviews

    Works as advertised.


    So far it has worked great! I wasn't expecting much but this thing really does make amazing almost fried things without actually frying.

  • Rozi fryer review



    Easy to use, clean and my dumplings are extra crispy the way I want them. My son loves his pizza rolls in this air fryer! This air fryer is huge!